When am i fertile and ovulating?

It is important for women to know the days in a menstrual cycle they ovulate. Ovulation is the stage where the egg is released (ovum) from the female reproductive organ, ovary. It then travels to the fallopian tube and stay there for one day. If a sperm manages to penetrate it, then she is said to be fertilized. This happens only once in the menstrual cycle and it’s the time period where a women is most fertile. If you know the days you are ovulating, you increase your chances of getting pregnant drastically. But if you are trying to avoid pregnancy, some might tell you that this is a good way too. But actually it’s not. There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding this. Sperm cells stay at a women’s body for up to 5days, depending on the physical conditions. And also you might have a miscalculation in calculating your ovulation date. If you do so, then there is a possibility that you are going to get pregnant. So you don’t have to ask, “When am I fertile?”


There are many different ways to calculate your ovulation. First, we are going to discuss about the mucus method. Specially, the cervical mucus method. This is a liquid formed around a woman’s cervix at the time of ovulation. It is produced to prepare your body for fertilization, that to let the sperm cells and the egg meet. It might be tough to test it at first, but once you do it a couple of times you will get used to it. After your period ends, check your cervix daily and check your cervical mucus also. Check my other article to learn how to read the mucus. Know-When-You-Are-Ovulating-Step-22-Version-3Your mucus will start to change around the time of ovulation. So keep track of how it changes in your fertility calendar, or any other place. There will be changes to the mucus like, it may be dry or wet. It might have different smell and it might have different concentration. When your cervix is wet, that is around the time of ovulation. In the other days when they are the driest, fertility is at its lowest.

Another method is to check your basal body temperature. You have to understand when the best time is to conceive. That is your most fertile time. You will know when am I fertile. A man’s sperm can survive in a woman’s body for up to five days. A woman ovulates for only one day. Therefore this gives you a time period of six days as your most fertile days. We count one day shorter because not every sperm can survive up to five days. When you start to ovulate your body temperature will drop slightly. As the temperature change is so slight you will have to take repetitive readings regularly. You can’t measure this temperature using regular thermometers, as the temperature change is very small. Basal body thermometers are what we recommend. They will give you a slightly more accurate reading. The best reading can be taken from your vagina. When meaning the temperature every day, make sure you measure from the exact same distance and depth every time. This will increase the accuracy of your readings. Remember you have to measure this daily. So, to improve accuracy, measure at the same of the day, every day. The best time would be to take it first thing in the morning or four hours before you go to sleep. Take temperate and plot them in a graph. Because to nearest one tenth of a degree. All basal body thermometers provide this much accuracy. You will see some of the reading vary, this is because of the external factors that affect your cervical temperature. Like sickness, stress or the lack of sleep might cause a drop or increase in the temperatures. Check the normal basal body temperatures for women and if you see that your temperature varies significantly from theirs then consult with a doctor or check the help instructions that came with the thermometer. See if you are using it right. Get a graph paper from your nearest stationary shop, and plot your readings in the graph. Track the temperature changes and see when it drops or increases the most. You can also digitalize your chart, there are a lot of applications that draw your graph automatically, and this will reduce your labor and gets your work done in the same time. Once your finish plotting the readings for six to eight months, analyze the graphs. See the days when your temperature goes up in every cycle that is the day you starts to ovulate. It’s best to have sexual intercourse to conceive a baby. As that is your most fertile time.

When am i fertileYou can also take an ovulation test right at your home. They are sold in all drugstores and they help to detect the hormones that are released during the time of fertilization. The hormone LH passes through your urine and vary in amount when close to ovulation. These are similar to the pregnancy test, and you will have to urinate on them in order to learn about the results. There are others testing options, but they are much less reliable than this method. They analyze your saliva and you will also need a microscope for this. The LH test is much easier and provides quite an accurate result. Don’t overdrink water before the test. Don’t drink less water too. Drink in moderation. Making your urine to much dilute will get in the way of the accuracy of the test. Also, avoid drinks like alcohol and tea during this time. Urinate on the stick. It may take some time for the new line to appear. There will be a line given before for you to compare with. If the new line is as dark as the existing one, then it means that you are probably ovulating. You now know when am I fertile.