What you should know about your most fertile days of the month

Most women don’t often use this, but using a fertility calendar might help you a lot to conceive. A fertility calendar helps you learn when are most fertile, that is when there is the highest possibly of conceiving a baby. This will help you to get pregnant or to avoid pregnancy while having sex. Here I am going to show you how to set up a fertility calendar, and then how to use it. You should know your most fertile days of the month.


Identifying your most fertile days

First thing, get a calendar. Either go buy one from your nearest stationary store, or use the one in your mobile phone or computer. Keep in mind that whatever calendar use, you should be able to keep track of things like the start of your menstrual cycle and ovulation. You have to understand that this calendar will only be used for your menstrual cycle, so don’t just copy another cycle and then expect that it will be same for you too. The average time for a menstrual cycle is 28 or so days. You your most fertile days of the monthmight have different time difference. SO adjust your calendar accordingly. Also keep in mind that the period of one menstrual cycle can differ due to outer interruptions. If you don’t already know how long your menstrual cycles are, then keep track of your start dates for three or four months in a row. Then take a mean and estimate the average time each cycle lasts. Take note that there will be slight errors in your calculation in some cases but the average should roughly be the same. Your menstrual cycle should be calculated by finding the difference in start dates of the cycles. Some women, who have irregular cycles might find it hard to use this calendar. Consult with your doctor to give you medicines which will help you regulate the start dates and make it regular. Your main objective in using this calendar is to learn when you ovulate. In the average cycle of 28 days the ovulation period is the last two weeks of the cycles or the two weeks before you start to menstruate again. That is roughly the other half of your menstrual cycle depending on how long your cycle is. It’s difficult to know when a women actually ovulates as it gives off the slightest of symptoms. But there is one way. That is by checking your basal body temperature every morning you wake up. You will notice a temperature drop from your body right before the day you ovulate and a slightly higher temperature right afterwards. Have sex in your most fertile days of the month.

most fertile days of the monthThere are many factors to keep in mind when you try to track the days in which you are most fertile. Your egg is open to a male sperm cell in first day of your ovulation. But a sperm cell can survive about four days in your body. So that gives you a total of six days. These six days are the days in which you are most fertile. That will you are more likely to conceive in these days. Highlight these days as these are your most fertile days. If you are trying to conceive then you should have sexual intercourse in these days. And if you are not then avoid these days altogether. There might be some slight errors in your calendar so avoid sex two days before and after this time period. Having sex by avoiding this time, will help you to stay away from pregnancy even if you are not using any protection.  But I strongly suggest you not to use this fertility as a form a birth control. It’s highly probable that you will still get pregnant even after using this. Also keep in mind that you are using this calendar to know when you are fertile, but that does not mean that you will get pregnant right away. This will just increase your probability. You cannot put all your hopes in it. It might take many months of trying to conceive. If you are having trouble conceiving then either you or your partner has some fertility issues. Contact your doctor if you having been using a fertility calendar for a year without getting pregnant. If you do not conceive within a year of using the fertility calendar, you should have a consultation with you doctor to be sure that you and your partner are capable of having children. If you passed a year using the calendar and you are still not able to conceive then consult a fertility doctor. Know your most fertile days of the month.

This probably means that you or your partner is infertile. Ask the doctor to provide supplements that increase fertility. Change your diet to a diet where there is a lot Vitamin A, Vitamin C and zinc. Decrease or stop eating red meat. These are known to cause infertility. Stop consumption of any type of drugs. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Maintain a good diet for your age and height. Too much weight may release hormones that interfere with your ovulation. Work on getting your fats and get them burned down. And last don’t stress too much. Stressing releases chemicals that interfere with your reproductive hormones and thus, leads to infertility.