What are fertility drugs for men and how do they work?

Male fertility depend on a variety of factors that can be modified to increase one’s fertility. Even if your fertility has decreased it can be restored to its original count. Certain dressing may reduce your fertility. Temperature plays a big part in fertility. If you wear tight under garments or tight pants it increases the temperature in your groin area and also harms your sperm count and its quality. So next time you wear tight clothes think about the consequences beforehand. Another thing that damages your sperm count is chemicals. If you live near radioactive wastes, then it might damage your sperm count greatly. Exposure to radiation or heavy metals cause infertility in men. You are advised to avoid these and if your city has a lot of lead in the air then wear masks when you go out. Lead is a very heavy metal and cause infertility in men. As I mentioned before, temperature is an important factor in fertility. If your temperature is high in the groin region because of sitting in a hot bathtub or sauna will reduce the number of sperms in your semen and will cause infertility. Therefore you are strongly advised to maintain the temperature in your groin for a healthy sperm count. You can also try fertility drugs for men.


About Fertility Drugs

If you have already reduced your sperm by doing the things that I mentioned above, then you probably are looking for ways to increase your sperm count back to normal again. Well, there is a way to do that. You have to eat foods that increase the number of sperm cells in your semen. A healthy diet is the main component of a healthy life. Antioxidants are essentials in fertility. I suggest you make up a diet where is lot of antioxidants because the more the antioxidants the more sperm count you will get. Eat a lot fruits and vegetables, as they contain a lot of antioxidants. Vitamins C and Vitamin E are essential too. You will also find these in colorful fruits and vegetables. fertility drugs for menYou might also consider taking a dose of multivitamin regularly. Multivitamin contain the Vitamins C and E required for male fertility. Having a daily dose will help to increase your sperm count. Some multivitamins are specifically designed for men and their reproductive health. Now for the foods that decrease your sperm count. Alcohol intake has no advantages, this is the case here too. Alcohol intake will decrease your sperm count greatly. That is why alcoholics are often seen to be bad in bed. They lose their sperm count greatly. Red meat found nowadays are often greatly processed. These may have good taste but are dangerous for the human body. They also reduce your fertility. But not all meat is bad. Seafood is good for your health and sperm count. You can also try fertility drugs for men. Eat fruits regularly and you might just recover some of your lost fertility.

A healthy life leads to a healthy heart. If you are healthy enough, you sperm fertility will automatically be good. Everyone likes to have some booze once in a while, or puff of cigarette in the middle of work, but continuous consumptions of harmful substances are very dangerous to your health. Cigarettes cause cancer, emphysema, and decay of teeth, cholesterol problems, heart diseases and many more problems. These are known to everyone, but its addiction is hard to get rid of. You can try but once you get addicted, it’s kind of impossible to get back. One other disadvantage that people often unaware of, is that cigarettes cause infertility. So much so that, even passive smoking will cause your sperm count to decrease substantially. Try to quit smoking if you are addicted, it’s just not worth it. You might get a “good feeling” but you are paying an extremely high price for it.fertility drugs for men Quit now and you will lead a healthy sex and reproductive life in the future. Abnormality is often seen in the children born from smoker parents. This is because the chemicals in cigarettes alter the shape of the sperm cell, and therefore causes damage to the fetus in the womb and child is born unhealthy or abnormal. Another thing that is extremely dangerous to both your physical and social life is alcohol. Men who drink a lot will often see themselves without any partners or close people who care about them. They damage their kidneys and liver greatly. These organs can’t take the toll of constantly being put into work because alcohol intake and they eventually fail. Alcohols also reduces your sperm count and alcoholics are often seen to suffer from erectile dysfunction. This damages their sex life substantially. Also, drugs like marijuana, cocaine and heroin are known to cause infertility. They cause the testicles, which produce sperm, to shrink in size and eventually cause your body to stop producing sperms. High levels of stress are also known to cause infertility. Try to be care-free every moment in your life. This makes sickness like high blood pressure to stay away from you and also help you to lead a healthy reproductive life. When you stress, your body releases a lot of hormones, and some of these hormones conflict with your sperm production. Reducing your fertility. Manage these stressful things by taking part in physical activities.

For your future sex life, you have to maintain a healthy life without the abuse of drugs. Try to avoid red meat and eat lots and lots of fruits and vegetables. You can also try fertility drugs for men. Try the remedies that I mentioned here, if it still does not work then consult a doctor.