Importance of choosing the right baby name for a boy

Many parents avoid the importance of choosing the right baby name for a boy. They don’t enough time choosing the right name and therefore their baby ends up with a common and traditional name. He will find a lot of people in his life who will have the same name as his and that might make him a bit sad. You have to keep in mind that this name will be attached to him for the rest of his life. If it’s not good enough then he might hold a little grudge against you. So give your time when choosing a baby name. You can also try to name him by varying you and your partner’s name.


Right baby name for a boy

The first suggestion I give to every parent is to brainstorm name ideas. Discuss these ideas with your partner and take note of these. Write the baby names for a boy both you and your partner approve of. List a lot of name. The more the merrier. After listing all these names, choose the right name for your child. Keep in mind that your child’s name will reflect on his actual identity. He will be known by this name for the rest if his life. This will show on his passport, certificates, IDs etc. If the name is awkward, think about how people will react to his name. If his name is not good enough then this will affect his confidence and level and his personality as a whole. So be careful and open-minded when choosing a name. Giving him a name that he will be confident of will make him grow up to be confident young man. In the list that you created, try to find the meaning of all the names. A name which has a good meaning behind might make your child proud of his name. If someone is proud of his name, that makes for a confident person.

choosing the right baby name for a boySometimes you might like a name a lot but that name is too mainstream and traditional. What do you do then? Change or alter that name in such a way that it will look unique. For example you can change the name “Bryan” to “Bryen”. You won’t find many people named Bryen. This is a unique name that your child can be confident of. You can shorten your child’s name by an apostrophe. Like, O’Brian and many other names. It gives the name a nice and unique look. Sometimes, parents like to incorporate their names into their child’s name. For example, if your name is Shaun and your wife’s name is Mary then you just add a hyphen in between and make that your child’s middle name. It will be something like Shaun-Mary. People in Latin America often name their child after them and they add a Jr. at the end. For example, the Brazilian soccer player is named Neymar Jr. after his father. You can also use your child’s grandfather’s name and then add a Jr. at the end. This will make him feel more obedient to the family in the future. Think about gender neutral names. Some of them are really good. They fall into any gender category but are great for both men and women. Like mentioned before you can combine two names that you like or prefer and make a completely new name. The goal is to create a unique name, and combining two good names is a good idea. You should also look for names that are similar you or your wife’s name. Finding similar names is not that hard and you should focus on finding similar names to you OR your wife’s name, finding similar names to both your names can take a toll on you.

choosing the right baby name for a boy

No matter what people say, those big baby name books are actually quite useful. They give a lot of great ideas, and might help you to find a name similar to yours or to know the meaning behind a name that you like. Find the meaning behind your name and look for similar meaning names. You can always use the greatest tool mankind has in its hand. The internet. Search for baby names on the internet or use baby names generator app. Take your time and search the internet. It may take a lot of time to find a good name because the internet is full of useless stuff that hide the useful stuff. Whatever you do, make sure that your child’s name is not common and boring. Also, allow your partner to express her thoughts too. She might have a lot of good ideas. List all the names you talk about and chose the perfect name in the end. You can search the internet for the names of famous people and their children. Celebrities often have very catchy and unique names. This might help you to choose a good name. You also try out the names of characters in TV shows or movies. They also have unique names that define a person’s personality. Research and take your time, you might just get the perfect name for your child. You can also play around with your name and your wife’s name. You might just get the baby names for a boy you like.