How to Increase Fertility Naturally?

After a trying lot to have a baby, for a long time if you are still not able to conceive a baby, then it’s quite normal to think that one of you and your partner is infertile. There are a lot of factors that affect one’s fertility. So, if you are planning on having a baby, then try these things to keep your fertility at a high. Some cases might be more severe than others, the more severe cases have to go under intensive treatment from doctors while others just require some remedies to recover their fertility. Here are some effective and simple ways to recover or protect your fertility. How to increase fertility?


How to Increase Fertility Naturally

How to Increase Fertility

Eat the right Way to Deal with Fertility

First thing, lead a healthy life. If you were quite careless about your health in your past, then infertility might just be the result of it. Maintain a healthy and exercise regularly, keep your body in shape. This applies for women too. Women are more careless about their muscles than men, but exercising is important for them too. Join a gym and start exercising regularly and follow an exercise plan. Women who carry extra weight than normal have problems when ovulating. Hormones like insulin interfere with ovulation process. These problems can cause irregular ovulation and reduces the chances of a female to get pregnant. Women who are too thin suffer from the lack of nutrition in their body. They might not produce all the hormones required for fertilization and even if they succeed in fertilization, they might not be healthy enough to provide nutrition to the fetus in her womb. For men, healthier men are often tagged with more sexuality. This is true in fertility too. Men who are fit and exercise regularly have a healthier and higher sperm count. This is quite a simple step to increase your fertility. Start exercising regularly and you might see the results turn in your favor. Another important thing to maintain a healthy life, is to have a healthy diet and food consumption. Vitamins A and C are very important to recovering your fertility. So be sure to include lots of vitamins in your diet. You should take multi vitamin supplements when you are trying to conceive a baby. Eat lots of green vegetables and colorful fruits. Eating lots of healthy and fresh foods will increase your likelihood on conceiving. This is how to increase fertility. If you have those bad drug habits then now is the best time to get them out of your life. Your body has to be in its best shape. Yes drugs are addictive but they are very dangerous to your reproductive system. They can cause infertility that will last for a very long time, and I am talking years of infertility and being unable to conceive. If you are a smoker, then you already know what I am about to say. Those TV awareness ads are not for nothing. Smoking is actually extremely dangerous to a human being. It not only damages your lungs but also your ability to reproduce a child. This is especially more dangerous to women than men. Women who smoke, reach menopause earlier than normal and they also damage a women’s eggs. If you leave smoking now, there is still some chance of recovering but the longer you smoke the thinner that chance becomes. Drinking occasionally is not that harmful. A glass or two of wine in a wedding or a can of beer is not harmful in any way but the problem arises when a woman is trying to get pregnant. It’s best to avoid alcohol completely during this period. It causes instability in some of the hormones of the women body. Men who drink regularly are often seen to suffer from low sperm counts and diseases like erectile dysfunction. It’s safe to drink occasionally, but too much will obviously damage your body in every possible way. Drinking too much coffee or tea can also be dangerous. These drinks contain a drug called caffeine which causes. It causes infertility and sometimes miscarriage also. Therefore limit the amount of coffee you drink every morning.

How to Increase Fertility


Stressing releases a lot of hormones that interrupt your ovulation. Ovulation itself requires a lot of hormones to work and if one of them goes wrong then it might lead to infertility. There are a lot of techniques that one can use to release some stress. If you are trying to conceive and then failing continuously, then there is more added stress on you which will affect you a lot negatively. Try doing some yoga or any other form of meditation. It will help you to relax. Try some counseling session with people who are suffering from the same problem as you. You can even try mental therapy. Another thing you can do is, you can try to release stress through sex. Having sex regularly will release your stress as well as increases your chance of fertilization.

There are many ways to know when a woman ovulates. Getting to know when you ovulate will help you to conceive. A woman is most fertile when she is ovulating. Having sex regularly in 4-5days before ovulation will boost your chances of fertilizing. Get an ovulation stick from a drug store. The method is the same as pregnancy, you have to urinate on the stick. There will be a line already put on the stick and if the new line formed is as dark as the old line, then you are ovulating. Take note of when you are ovulating in the menstrual cycle for a few months and then make menstrual calendar. This will help you a lot to conceive. This is how to increase fertility.