How to conceive a baby with some easy steps

If you have used every possible method you can to help your fertilize and you are still not getting the required results, then consult with a doctor. If you have measured you basal temperature regularly and used the cervical mucus methods, but you are not getting the required changes. If this happened only once, then there is no reason to get bobbed down. IT might just be that there was some error in your calculation. However, if this happened again and again, then there is need for you to worry. Here are some of the things you can do. This is how to conceive a baby.


How To Conceive A Baby

A doctor has much more instruments to perform tests more accurately than what you will do at home. She can take multiple tests to pin point your problem and then treat you accordingly. She can measure the amount of different hormones in your body, she can take blood tests or even ultrasound tests. You can’t do these at home. But you might not be the one to be blamed, get your partner to be treated as well. He might be infertile. Check if his sperm count and sperm quality is normal. If not, then get him treated. If your doctor suspects you are infertile then ask her to treat you in every possible. Infertility is treatable but it takes a lot patience.

If your partner is the one who is infertile then he might just change his food diet to recover his fertility. Changing to healthier diet might help him a lot in increasing his sperm count and his sperm quality. Eat more vegetables and fruits that contain Vitamin A and you will get an increase in healthy sperms. Eat fruits and vegetables like lettuce, spinach broccoli and other green vegetables will give you a boost in healthy sperms. Another important Vitamin in help to boost your sperm count is vitamin C. These are found in many fruits and vegetables. Consume more zinc in order to get a larger sperm count. If you have zinc deficiency then you might suffer from low hormone level and decreased sperm quality. Eat more zinc to increase your sperm count to know how to conceive a baby.

How to conceive a babyAlso try to get rid of all the bad habits that you have in order to recover your fertility. Quit smoking as fast you can. If a pregnant woman smokes her child will be in danger. Smoking causes children to be born abnormal. Smoking also causes cancer and many other dangerous diseases that are harmful for your body. The substance in smoke, known as tar is carcinogenic. This means that it is a cancer causing substance. The substance nicotine is the addictive part of the smoke. This means it causes people to turn to cigarettes over and over again. This is the reason why people find it so hard to quit smoking. Then there is carbon mono oxide which causes your breathing ability to decrease. It binds with the hemoglobin in your body and then restricts its ability to carry oxygen. As a result, smoking causes your ability to breathe to decrease. Not only that, smoke also burn the walls in your lungs to burn and as a result causing emphysema. These are the dangerous effects of smoking that most people are aware of. But you didn’t know smoking is a big problem when it comes to fertility. Smoking causes a lot of damage to a man’s sperm cells. That is, it decrease the sperm count in a man’s semen and also reduces the quality of the sperm cells. Changing any feature in the sperm cell will mean that it would be unable to move as fast and smoothly as it would normally. The same goes with alcohol. Drinking too much alcohol will damage your kidneys and livers. But damage your ovary. It will decrease the host ability of your ovary for a man’s sperm cells. In case of men, alcohol also decreases your sperm cells. The same goes with caffeine. Women who drink more than three cups of coffee are seen to have more problems conceiving than say, a woman who has two cups or less. This is because the drug in coffee known as caffeine is dangerous for a woman’s fertility. You also see that couple who are over the age of 35 have more troubles than couples who are younger. This is understandable because after the age of 35 the signs of hitting menopause start to show. And women can’t get pregnant after they hit menopause. Although a man can still give birth even at the age of 50.

Limit your body’s exposure to harmful are rays and toxic chemicals. Researches have shown that men who work in environments where they are constantly exposed to harmful toxins have problems when trying to get a women pregnant. This is because these chemicals can cause infertility in a man. Another things that many people don’t know is that, if you don’t maintain a healthy temperature in your groin area, they you are sure to notice a decrease in fertility. Therefore, don’t stay too much on hot tubs or sauna as this will cause your scrotum to heat up, which in turn will cause infertility. Also don’t wear tight pants to avoid infertility. These are all the things you can do and this is how to conceive a baby.