How to become fertile naturally?

When you start to grow up you have to start thinking about protecting your fertility. Because if you don’t it will decrease your ability to reproduce. When you are infertile, you lose your ability to have children. Infertility in men happens because of a low sperm count or low quality sperm cells. But don’t worry there are ways in which you can protect your fertility. How to become fertile? I am going to tell you today.


How to Increase Male Fertility

The first method is to take safety measures when having sex. This means that you should always have protection. This will decrease your chances of getting STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). These diseases can often be life threatening. Also protection will allow you the luxury of having a panned life. Unplanned pregnancy can put enormous pressure on you and protection can save you from that pressure. Another thing that most people don’t do is, they don’t check if they have STDs or not regularly, or even once in their life. You see all those billboards on the busiest of roads in the city encouraging you to have regular check-ups for STDs, but seldom does a person go for a checkup. It might not be feasible to for a checkup every week, but learn about the symptoms of STDs and if you see the slightest of chances of having STDs then go for a test. See if it’s positive or not. STDs cause infections in your body and if they are not treated then they will cause a lot of problems in your body. There are some infections like gonorrhea which can be transferred between man and women and can be the cause of infertility. Their symptoms are difficult to detect and that is why you are advised to go on regular checkups. Regular visits will help you to detect problems in your infertility and then treat them afterwards. Checkups are more essential for couples who have been trying constantly without any protection but are still unable to conceive. There is obviously some fertility issue in the male or female, or sometimes both. So, checkups to your doctor at an earlier stage of infertility will help you to prevent any further damage. This is how to become fertile.How to become fertile

There are some other factors that affect fertility. The most notable one being age. Fertility in both men and women start to decline when they age. This is seen more in case of women than men. When at around the age of 35 have seen their eggs to be less fertile than when they are younger. The best age to conceive is around the twenties for women. If they try any later, they may have problems conceiving as it gets difficult for sperm cells to be fertilized and even if they do there is high possibility of having a miscarriage. But most men are still able to get a women pregnant even at the age of 40 or even early 50s. But women at this age are unlikely to get pregnant and even if they do, there is a possibility of the egg not being well developed.

A healthy diet will help you in every aspect of your life. Especially when you are pregnant or when you are planning to have a baby. Weight matters a lot in terms of fertility. You should have a healthy weight considering your age and height. Your too thin or too obese will lower your fertility. If you are too underweight then work on gaining extra mass. Take protein pills or consult with a doctor about your problems. If you are overweight then exercise a lot, and maintain your diet. Eat less, but eat healthy. Burning fat will help you to steer clear of many unwanted diseases. One of which is infertility. Speaking of being healthy, it’s never an option to consume drugs if you are trying to have a child. Cigarettes have many dangerous in them. There is carbon monoxide which reduces your bloods ability to carry oxygen. It combines with hemoglobin in the blood stream and then makes it unusable. There is nicotine, which is the addictive part of smHow to become fertileoking. It will make you stay addicted to cigarettes and causes problems in breathing too. Cigarettes burn your internal lungs’ walls. Then there is tar, which is the cause of lung cancer. It’s a carcinogenic compound. Cigarettes are also harmful to your fertility. Women who smoke are more likely to hit menopause than normal women who don’t smoke. Menopause is the stage in a women’s life when she stops menstruating. In other words, she will stop producing eggs. Most women reach menopause at the age of 40. But if you are a smoker, then you are likely to reach it much earlier. Men are also subject to infertility, because of smoking. It reduces the quality of your sperms and your overall sperm count. The quality of a sperm states its mobility and shape. This is also the case when consuming alcohol. Alcohol might be necessary in cold countries closer to the North Pole. But men and women who consume more frequently than two or three drink per day are seen to have troubles conceiving a baby. Alcohol also damages your livers and kidneys and might stop them from even functioning. Too much consumption can cause early death.  Drugs like marijuana, heroin are also dangerous to a person’s fertility. This will impact your virility.

Protecting your fertility is as important as protecting your child’s life. Take good care of your health and avoid consuming too much drugs. Maintain a healthy weight and diet and you will have a healthy fertility. You now know how to become fertile.