Choosing cute baby names for boys In Just 3 Easy Steps

Choosing cute baby names for boys is a tougher job than one might imagine. It take a lot of thinking and rejecting names to choose the perfect name for your child. Many parents like to name their baby with traditional names that you can might just by Google search. While others like to give their babies unique names that will make their child stand out from the crowd. Parents spend moths just looking for this name. More and more parents are opting for unique names and therefore the names that you thought were rare and unique might just become a very popular one as parents are looking for unique names. Here, we are going to show you the ways to find a good baby name without falling for the name trap.


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First you have find out what uniqueness actually means to you and your wife. Everyone has their own understanding of uniqueness. If unique means that you have to choose anything but those traditional names then your work here is easy. Sometimes some people mistake unique with catchy. Do you just want a name that is catchy? Think about what unique means and you will have narrowed down all your choices. Giving a unique name to your child will make him stand out from the crowd and this will help him a lot in the future. Cute Baby Bames For BoysChoosing a name that will benefit him in the future will only make your child like you more. Next, sit down with your wife and talk about the advantages and disadvantages of naming your child with a unique name. Off course, it will make him stand out and your child will be individualized but there are certain disadvantages too. Talk about them with your wife. These names are often good when the child is still young but will they work also when your child grows up? Choose names keeping in mind that your child will grow up to be an adult. Choosing unique names does not mean that you will have to make them sound weird. It should be easy to pronounce, if it’s not then it will bring unwanted attention towards your child. So choose cute baby names for boys.

Think about how you want your child’s name to be. Consult with your wife and make a list. Do you want a gender-neutral name? Do want it to sound punk, or do you want to sound soft? How many syllables should it have? Some of the older members in the family might pressurize you to go with traditional names that run in the family. You can use it as a middle name. That will just make everyone happy. When you choose a name, it’s more than likely that your child will be handed a nickname by shortening his name. SO keep these nickname possibilities in mind when choosing a name. Keep yourself in your child’s shoes and think if you would like to be called with a nickname that is associated with the name you chose for your child. If it’s embarrassing then it’s better not to name your child with that. Choose a different name. Because many children are bullied during their school life for their name. This will cause mental pressure to build up in your child. It’s best to avoid it. Now, look at the initials of your child’s full name. Its might spell out something that you want to avoid. Try to change one or two initials to avoid this. Many people in the world name their children after their religion. cute baby names for boysYou can also make use of your religion to name your child. Many children are named after a religious figure. Yes, they are very common and your child will face a lot of people as the name as his but you can try changing the name in some way to make it sound unique. Choose a name based on its meaning. You child will be asked a lot about what his name means. Yes you might like a name that sounds good, but has no meaning to it. Try to avoid these names. You can also try merging two names together by merging them. Remember that you will use this name a lot in the coming years of your life. Repeat the name again and again and see if it sounds right to your ears. Ask yourself a lot of questions. Is it too short? Or is it too long? Will he be bullied because of this name? Do you see you and your wife calling out this name for the rest of your lives? If the answers are all positive then you can go ahead with this name. Even if you are not used to a name now, calling it regularly for a few months will definitely make you used to it.

You can also try naming your child after a celebrity. Celebrity names are often unique. Movie or TV show character names are also good ideas to name your child. These names are often catchy and unique. Sit in front of your laptop and constantly search for famous names. Look into some ancient names related to mythology or ancient English names. Edit them a little bit and make those names unique.

Choosing a name can take a lot of time and its okay. Your child will bear this name for the rest of his life and if it’s not good enough he might hold a grudge against you. So cute baby names for boys is important.  Make sure you into a lot of names and give yourself an overwhelming list of choices.