Things to know before adopting a child in the US

If you are thinking of adopting a child in the US then you have to keep a few things in mind. Adoption may be costly, so you have to be prepared. It may take up to thirty thousand US dollars to adopt a child. Although it may not be this expensive always.

There is the home study fees, where the people from the agencies come and visit your home to check if your home is suitable for the child and if you live in a healthy way or not. Then there’s the counselling fees for both you and the birth mother. This is because a big change is coming to your life and you have to prepare for this. Counselling is needed for both you and the birth mother. There is also the lawyer fees. People who are going through the adoption process independently and who are not taking any help from agencies depend on their lawyer a lot. So naturally the lawyer fees are quite high and even if you are not running an independent adoption process, you will still have to hire a lawyer to finish off the legal work at the end of the adoption. Then there is the travel expense, parents who are adopting a child internationally will have to pay these fees a lot. There will be lot of travelling for you and the birth mother to do the legal works and to continue with the adoption process. You might have the pay for the hotel and eating expenses of the birth mother too. You will also have to pay for the birth mother’s medical expenses, she will undergo a major surgery in a few days, and you should be able to pay for that. Sometimes you might have to pay for her room expense too. This is also the case for the child. You have to pay for the child’s medical expenses. If you are planning to adopt a child internationally, then you might have to pay its fees without even seeing it. Adoption is quite costly if you are planning on adopting an international child. Adopting from the state is the cheapest and parents actually don’t have to pay the tax when adopting a child in the US.

Before adopting always get to know the state laws beforehand, you don’t want to get in trouble later in the process just because you were not prepared. You have to see if your agency is licensed by the state or not. Therefore, even if you are not planning on doing an independent adoption you should consult with a lawyer to know the state laws. This is just to make sure everything legal and done correctly, so that you don’t have any problems in the future. Keep in mind that some states don’t allow the right to search for your own birth mother. Independent adoptions in these states might not be a good idea. Know clearly your state laws and consider whether it’s legal or not.

adopting a child in the USYou should first find the right agency for your family. See if it’s renowned for international or domestic adoptions and see if the agencies meet your minimum requirements. Meet the people from the agencies and talk with them about your planning and see if they can provide you with everything you want. Talk with the people from several of these agencies and see if you can choose the perfect one for your family. Some of these agencies are total scam. If they see that a couple of parents are looking for a child fast then they take advantage of this and take the money beforehand and then place them on waiting lists that span years. So be sure that the agency you are going to choose has a good reputation and has no history of scamming.

Once you have finished choosing the agency then it’s time for you to get to know the birth mother. Build a good relationship with the birth mother. Some agencies let the birth mother choose from a variety of choices. IF you have a good relationship with the birth mother then there is the chance of her choosing you. But if she does not feel comfortable when talking to you then she might change her mind. The agency will at first ask details of you, that they will send to the birth mother. Pictures and description of your lives. If your description pleases her then she will chose you, and then meet with you. Many talk with you in phone but some birth mothers tend to meet in person before confirming her decisions.

It’s important that you are patient during the whole process. This might a frustrating process as it takes a lot of time. Sometimes if you are lucky, the birth mother will choose you right away. Other times the profiles of the parents have to be sent to number of birth mothers before finding the right one. Once you have been chosen, and both the parties have agreed. It’s time to go on with the adoption. The birth mother has to write the papers a day or two after the birth of the child. Her right over the child will be terminated after she signs the papers. Ask her if she needs anything and ask her if she wants to keep this as an open or closed adoption. Depending on her needs, the agency will negotiate the terms of the adoption. This is how adopting a child in the US.